SkillsetGroup IT: A ‘Champion in Your Corner’ for Tech Professionals

SkillsetGroup IT provides expertise in tech that spans dozens of disciplines.

SkillsetGroup IT provides expertise in tech that spans dozens of disciplines.

As a senior service engineer for a global software company, Zack Weingartner helps large commercial clients implement their software solutions “from soup to nuts,” as he explains it. Once the strategizing and planning for a project is done, Weingartner makes sure to fully implement and optimize the software solution in partnership with the client, whether it’s a global Fortune 500 company or a smaller firm.

Almost a decade ago, however, Weingartner was doing MSP-focused customer support for a medium-sized software company in Southern California when SkillsetGroup approached him to fill a position he now occupies.

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He couldn’t be happier with the advocacy and service from our team.

“SkillsetGroup found me, and through that opportunity, I’ve really been able to improve the trajectory of my career, as well as my personal life,” Gartner said. “Steve (Coppola, now SSG’s special projects director) found my resume. He called me and we talked for a good 40-45 minutes, and then he started putting me in front of the company.”

At the start of negotiations, Weingartner said he couldn’t take the job because of some of the contract conditions. But our consultants at SkillsetGroup IT don’t just give up when we have someone with crucial technical expertise on the line.

“About a month later, Steve got me back involved in the process, and we were able to negotiate some changes to the offer that made me want to take the job, and I’ve been doing this for seven years now,” he said.

“It was a bit refreshing to feel like I had a champion in my corner to be an advocate,” he said. “If I ever find myself needing another job, I’ll be coming back to SkillsetGroup. It’s a great payoff; it’s opened up so many doors… There is no telling where I’d be today if SkillsetGroup hadn’t approached me.”

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